A downloadable game for Windows

Created for Dream Diary Jam 2017.

This demo has you control Mother who, like others in her family, is unable to leave the house. So to pass the time, Mother heads up to her and Father's bedroom and dreams.

Only two of the four main worlds are accessible (paintings 1 and 3 in the nexus). All three effects at the time being are cosmetic and there is only one noteworthy event. Think of this as a small appetizer for the main course that will eventually be Family.


  • Flashing images
  • Flashing lights
  • Possible scopophobia
  • Body horror

All feedback is welcomed and you're allowed to livestream/let's play/review this game for compensation. (Though in the developer's personal opinion: wait for Version 0.25)

Install instructions

How to install Family:

1.) First, set up a separate folder to contain the game. That way it's easier to track down. Drag the game's file into the folder.

2.) Right-click the cube and select "Extract All". Make sure your destination is the folder the game file is in, otherwise it won't run. A new folder should show up containing the game.

3.) (Optional, but recommended) Before playing, go into "Font to Install Before Playing" folder and install the Perfect DOS font.

4.) Just click the file titled "Game" and you're good to go! Welcome to Escapism!

For players installing the new update:

Follow all the steps above except the third one if you've already installed the font. From the original folder, click and drag files titled "Save##" (# represents which file the save is in) into the new folder where the game is in. Make sure the files are in the same folder as the "Game" file.

Welcome to Escapism.


Family v0.exe (30 MB)

Development log

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