DDJ Demo Update Coming Your Way!

What to expect:

  • New World to Explore- The Two-Sided Library.
  • All Effects' mechanics implemented.
  • Special event for Water Circus.
  • Various glitch fixes and minor graphical tweaks.
  • Ability to toggle running in dreams on and off, instead of constantly holding the SHIFT key.
  • New commercial event for the real world.

What not to expect:

  • Happiness

This will be the only update to the Dream Diary Jam's demo. Afterwards, I'll work on making Family close to my original vision of the game. I'll still leave this demo up so all of you can see how this game got started.

Special thanks to Zhliere for working on illustrations that will appear in the update. I recommend you go check out my bud's work! I guarantee the art they've posted is just as cute as the ones they provided for Family. 


Family v0.exe 30 MB
Jun 29, 2017

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